Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Enhance your Rootstech Experience

Sorry there aren't any pretty pictures on this post. Blogger won't let me upload any!

In the recent contest I held to give away a Rootstech 2018 Free Pass I asked entrants to "please tell me three things a Rootstech attendee needs to take to Rootstech to enhance his/her experience."

I had promised to collate the advice I received from entrants into a blog post and here it is. I hope these suggestions help you in your Rootstech preparation. Some of the suggestions were made multiple times.

The most popular suggestions related to footwear

  • Good, comfortable walking shoes to get around the big convention center.
  • Tennis shoes will be my best friend when walking from class to class or through the exhibit hall. 
  • Comfortable flat shoes. Not joggers as I like to look more professional than joggers make you look. (I have to agree about the joggers)

A full four day pass.  Who wants to miss any of this

Many were concerned with comfort
  • Comfy clothes, (maybe ever a blanket so I use all my focus)
  • Layering clothes is also a good idea.
  • A warm coat so you can go out at night with all my genie friends for lunch, dinner or to go up to the Family History Library when it is old outside.
  • Food (and water), so I can concentrate.
  • A water bottle and snacks.
  • A body that is rested,refreshed  and ready for Rootstech.
  • Friends 

Technology was mentioned a lot
  • Your favorite tech tool to take notes.
  • My laptop! For taking notes and looking up my tree quickly! and everything else I would need.
  • Portable battery for cell phone/laptops so you can take pictures, notes, etc. 
  • A camera or phone camera - one must take lots of photos (and selfies)
  • Your smartphone, because you'll want the Rootstech app
  • Connect on social media.
Some people preferred traditional tools
  • Lots of colored pens to write notes.
  • Lots of note paper - with so much to learn, one will need to take so many notes to remember all of the inspiration received!!
  •  A good notebook and pen.
Attitude is all important
  •  A great ATTITUDE
  • Desire - one needs a passion and desire to do familyhistory. Then it is easy to get addicted.... 
  • Open mind and heart - to listen and learn ways to research families, preserve families now and to feel our family love.
  • Eagerness to learn and absorb all of the information available from various presentations.
There will be lots of shopping opportunities at Rootstech

  • Largest enough suitcase to bring back all the goodies you'll find in the exhibit hall.
  • Credit Card that give the best airline miles for purchasing deeply discounted DNA Test Kits and other deeply discounted genealogy tech items and cool things available at the expo.

Some people are more organised than me
    • Map of conference center.
    • Make a list of vendors you wish to visit.
    • Create a personalized class schedule ahead of time.
    • Plan to spend time at the Family History Library.
    • Upload any documents/software you may need while in Salt Lake City.


                  Helen Connor said...

                  Excellent suggestions from a seasoned conference goer :) This does apply to Congress as well

                  Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

                  Definitely good advice for RT incl the last segment which I do. I’d add “use Evernote” for travel bookings and research notes.

                  I think joggers are fine for those who aren’t speaking or media though I usually wear comfy boots.

                  Similar advice for Congress except re warm weather clothes. It will be hot outside but a light cardigan or pashmina in conference rooms would be recommended...aircon tends to be chilly.


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