Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ancestor's Geneameme reborn

I was flattered when US geneablogger, Linda Stufflebean, asked me if she could expand on and publish my 2011 Ancestors' Geneameme.

Last week Linda published her 70 question version of the Geneameme and her responses to the questions.

With 70 questions to ponder I think the geneameme may be a bit too arduous task for me at the moment. However, if you have the time I encourage to respond to Linda's meme.

It is a good tool for reflecting on your ancestors and reviewing just what you know about them.

Mum and her brother

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Alona Tester said...

Ooh now this is a geneameme I haven't done. I see it was fist posted about the time I started blogging so I gues that's why. Anyway I shall have to rectify that. Thanks for the repost, so I found out about it.


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