Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trove Tuesday - Zam-Buk

I have recently been suffering from a painful abscess which my doctor is treating with antibiotics, he has also suggested I have probiotic drinks and take painkillers for the accompanying pain. When I share details of my plight with friends and relatives they suggest old-fashioned remedies like lancing and drawing ointment.

I turned to Trove to see how such painful annoyances were treated in pre antibiotic years and came across many references to the healing properties of Zam-Buk.

1903 'Advertising', Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), 3 October, p. 14. , viewed 09 Aug 2016, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article87871052

1904 'ABSCESS IN THE GROIN.',Clarence and Richmond Examiner (Grafton, NSW : 1889 - 1915), 19 April, p. 6. , viewed 09 Aug 2016, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article61404214

1906 'ZAM-BUK CURES A BAD SWELLING.', The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939), 10 March, p. 20. , viewed 09 Aug 2016, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article20823808

1909 'Advertising', The Horsham Times (Vic. : 1882 - 1954), 30 March, p. 4. , viewed 09 Aug 2016, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article72827603
Perhaps I should ask my Doctor for a jar of Zam-Buk.


Kerryn Taylor said...

The company name of "Bile Beans" would be enough to turn one off :) The ingredients of Zam-Buk were interesting.

Anonymous said...

Zam buk works well for insect bites and chafing sores, whether they be feet, elbows, fingers or groin. Try it, it’s cheap, mildly antiseptic petroleum jelly that helps alleviate itch, promote rapid healing and is likely mildly anti fungal eyc hence popularity historically with rugby players and soldiers in the tropics. My favourite book? Zam Buk.


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