Friday, August 5, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 5 August 2016

There haven't been as many posts as usual in my RSS feeds this week. Perhaps Australian genies are otherwise engaged with National Family History Month. I look forward to reading many reports from those who attend #NFHM16 events over the next four weeks.

1. Jennifer has a busy program lined up.

2. I've always the Common Craft videos. Thanks to Richard for sharing this "new to me" one.

3. A beaut image always encourages me to read on.

4. So important for our youngsters. Wouldn't hurt we oldies either.

5. I too enjoyed this book.

6. Newbies can be sucked in by WDYTYA.

7. For the writers amongst us - some very alternatives.

8. Kate enjoyed her visit to the BC Archives.

9. I'm a "No gloves" girl. What's your opinion?

10. Get organized with Drew.

11.  Maria was out of luck.

12. A humble roll of toilet paper tells a story.

New to Me Blogs

1. Googling one of my DNA matches I found she had a blog.

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