Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Fluffy Family Member

Six years ago I blogged about some very important four-legged family members here. Since Marty's grisly end and because we travel a lot I have been disinclined to get another pooch although I love having a dog around the house.

My poochlessness came to an end on Boxing Day when the family presented me with a fluffy little bundle of joy. While we were overseas the kids and Mr GeniAus colluded to find the perfect pup for me and they have delivered (with a promise of pet-sitting when we are adventuring).

Paddy, who has been living with family members for four weeks, has stolen their hearts and in the bargain has been exposed to lots of children. He is in for a quiet existence as he keeps this LOL (little old lady) company as she hunts for ancestors.

Already Paddy has proved to be a perfect Geneapet. When he first followed me into my study he found a niche on a bottom shelf between two piles of filing. Each time Paddy has entered he has settled in that same spot.

Getting settled

Doggie Dreams

And how did we choose the name Paddy?

I said to family that he should have an ancestor's name so as we sat around mulling over names my 13 year old grandson opened my family website on his smartphone and started putting forward suggestions which various other family members commented on and rejected. I was keen on Frank but that was howled down. We finally agreed on Patrick Curry,  my convict ancestor, who was known as Paddy.

The original Paddy Lived a long and fruitful life and related in an interview in The Sydney Morning Heraldin 1848 (1848 'Advertising.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 8 June, p. 3, viewed 30 December, 2015, that he had a fortunate life and wanted for nothing. I hope I can give his little namesake a similar experience.


crgalvin said...

Oh, so cute! What is it?

Alona Tester said...

He's beautiful, and I love the fact that your family helped name him!

Kylie Willison said...

Paddy is lovely Jill, my girl Squizzy is a great geneapet too. She likes to explore cemeteries with me.

Alex Daw said...

You will definitely have a Happy New Year!

jennyalogy said...

He's not going to fit in that spot forever!

Kerryn Taylor said...

He is gorgeous Jill

Kerryn Taylor said...

He is gorgeous Jill

Sharon said...

He is gorgeous Jill :)

GeniAus said...

Thanks for all the comments - he is a handsome little chap. I had to ask my duaghter about Paddy's ancestry. She relates:

"Dad is "Rocky" a Maltese. Mum is shitzu x bichon "Panda"
So Paddy is a shitzonese!"


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