Wednesday, August 12, 2015

World Elephant Day

I couldn't let this auspicious day go by without talking about our family's connections with pachyderms.

As we have no elephant tamers in our family line I took a look in our family album to see if I had any photos of our elephant encounters. As a young shild I visited Taronga Zoo on many occasions and always enjoyed an elephant ride, I couldn't find any photos of myself atop an elephant but thankfully Trove came up trumps with a photo of a bunch of children on an elephant named Jill - I wonder if I ever rode on Jill!!

1950 '[No heading].', The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), 21 January, p. 12, viewed 12 August, 2015,

The next tiime I had an opportunity to ride on an elephant was at an elephant refuge in Thailand in 2004.

Mr and Mrs GeniAus in Thailaand 2004

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Anonymous said...

I am from Sri country has lot of wild Elephant flock in jungle,,, but here has very sadness situation for government has no program protect to wild Elephant life,,,every days destroy elephant life because farmers are shooting and give to poison eat to Elephant.I would invite your organization and help my country protect Elephant life...


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