Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Is there a future for #TroveTuesday?

Yesterday on Twitter I sparked some discussion about the #Trove Tuesday hashtag which was quite timely as it is three years this week since Australian geneabloggers started writing about Trove and highlighting one or some of its resources in a blog post. They would then post links to these articles to various social media with the hashtag #trovetuesday. This tag has been taken up by various other Australian agencies when praising Trove.

I have noticed over the three years that I personally and as a blogger for two societies have been publishing #trovetuesday posts that the number of posts has dropped to a trickle. Yesterday (I had the day wrong) I published a post for my family history group which drew this response from David.

I did a search and discovered that our hashtag (the geneacommunity got it first) has been used by a market and bakery in the UK. After I posted a cheeky reply several other Australians chimed in with thoughts about the use of various hashtags for posts about Trove.

The subject of our discussion also weighed in with an opinion.

I say we take the beach umbrella approach where there is room for all (including a lottery in the US) and keep #trove tuesday alive. I will be continuing to post using the #trovetuesday hashtag (and that is not influenced my the fact that I have several posts scheduled on my blogs into 2016).

As Carmel suggests we can use #troveAu when posting on another day.

Geneabloggers I'd love to see the #trovetuesday hashtag being dominated by posts about our nation's treasure, Trove, once more. How about embracing it once more.


Merron Riddiford said...

I wrote 82 consecutive #TroveTuesday posts up to March 2014 then time got the better of me and they have been spasmodic since. But when I was writing weekly it was a handy blogging prompt for me, along the lines of #sepiasaturday etc. and they gave me a chance to "stray" from Western Victoria. My last #TroveTuesday was 30 June this year, but I'll keep putting them out when I can.

Jill Ball said...

That's great to hear Merron you are a champion #trovetuesday poster.

When inspiration is hard to find it a useful prompt when blogging for the Historical Society and Family History Group.

Merron Riddiford said...

I had a #TroveTuesday post in my drafts, so I thought today was a good day to finish it. I've just posted and tweeted.

Sharon Muffett said...

I need to remember to share some of the gems I have found, and who knows maybe some of the bread lovers are history lovers as well :)


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