Thursday, June 26, 2014

And now there are six

Clock 5
The Gowans clock saga goes on!

I reported recently that we had now found five clocks made by Mr Geniaus' ancestor, James Gowans, fondly known in the family as James the Clock.

The fifth clock that we recently purchased from England arrived downunder last week four months after we purchased  it as it had to travel here by sea. We have since been in contact with the lady who sold the clock. Part of a deceased estate it had been in her family who lived in Galashiels (where James Gowans resided and worked) for quite some time.

My son and daughter-in-law who will be the custodians of this new family treasure have been around and inspected the clock and are very excited.

Tomorrow the clock goes on another journey to the restorer for a clean and tune then it will take pride of place in our son and daughter-in-law's front room.

I was just doing a few Google searches and got this hit:

So there is another Gowans clock in Nebraska in The United States, I wonder how it got there. That makes six that we have discovered..

When I told Mr Geniaus he was ecstatic.The problem is that the Facebook post  was private so I could not make a comment on the post. I discovered that the chap who made the comment was named Drew Sullivan so I have sent him a message via Facebook asking if he would be able to send us a photo of his clock. As this message will go into his other messages folder which he may not check too often (I know I don't check mine regularly) we may not get a response for a while.

Do you happen to know Drew Sullivan from Omaha, Nebraska?

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