Friday, June 20, 2014

A Sentence a Day

While I was away my young geneablogging mate Caitie wrote about her new purchase the "A sentence a day" journal from Kikki K. I thought that I would like to have one and made a note to look for it on my return home.

The promotional blurb for this item says "Put pen to paper to complete a simple prompt each day of the year for three years. Without even noticing, you'll capture unique insights into your life, realise change and growth, and create a keepsake you can look back on for years to come.

A unique keepsake journal for yourself, and a gorgeous gift for any loved one."

Yesterday I parked my car in the section of the carpark that took me right past a Kikki K store so I looked in and there on the table with the sale items was a bundle of   "A sentence a day" books for 30% off. These sturdy little books are available in store or online for 17.47.

I don't know that I will write in my new book but I will use the prompts and try to write a sentence each day - surely I can manage to write at least that much!  I may record my sentences in Evernote or on a spreadsheet that I can merge with my diary but first I will have to remove the shrinkwrap from my purchase. 


Caitie G said...

Nawww! ^_^ I am enjoying mine! A few of the questions so far have really made me think.

Sharon said...

Think I will need to look into this.


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