Friday, March 29, 2013

Alona at Rootstech

One of the Australian contingent at Rootstech was young Australian geneablogger, Alona Tester, author of the Lonetester blog.

In this interview Alona told me how she came to blogging and about the three blogs she writes. I had a fun time interviewing Alona, one of the fresh young faces of geneablogging.


Kerryn Taylor said...

Great interview ladies! I'll have to check out Alona's new blog, what a wonderful idea.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Great work Alona and Jill! It's good to get the Down Under perspective out there and see a young blogger, but Jill I'm not quite ready to be geriatric ;-)

Good to see more southern hemisphere influence at Rootstech 2013...well done Jill for encouraging us all to be involved.

Alex Daw said...

Great to see Alona again. I really like your interviews Audrey. Makes me feel like I'm there. Thanks.

PS Completely sympathise with the spam issue and need for word verification. No apology required. Only takes a second and keeps away those horrid spammers

Sharon said...

Another great interview Jill. Well done to you both. It was Alona who got me started on blogging with the Family History through the Alphabet challenge.


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