Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Galaxy Girls

My experiences with my Android gadget, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, have been documented in a few blog posts:

Connecting with the Galaxy

The shiny new toy - Carnival of Genealogy

Genealogy True Confessions: I take the tablet to bed

 Addicted to the Tablet 

These posts only describe one person's experience. I have read and reread yesterday's posts by two of my Genimates, Shelley (Life in the clouds and across the Galaxy) and Tanya (Using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet for genealogy, and other things), who blogged about their experiences with the Tab. These posts demonstrate the benefits of collaboration through blogging. We three all have the same little gadget but have taken different approaches to customising our gadgets with apps and widgets.

I burnt the midnight oil last night investigating, downloading and playing with some of the apps that Tanya  had suggested. This morning I woke to Shelley's post and, having read that, have more things to explore.

As a cheapskate I had stuck with free apps and not yet purchased any but, on the recommendation of my GeniMates, I'll now buy Family Bee. Although I can access my tree on the web it will be handy to have all of my data available on the tab for times when I don't have a connection or simply in the interests of economy so I don't need to use my data plan to access the family info.

I selfishly look forward to following Shelley and Tanya's journeys with their Tabs so that I can learn more tricks to play with mine.


Tanya Honey said...

I too await more updates on apps for the Galaxy Tab. Collaboration is invaluable, and recommendations from people you know, (even those you haven't met in the flesh!), and trust are gold.

Thanks for sharing Geniaus and Shelley.

GeniAus said...

Money spent, Family Bee now installed.


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