Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sweet memories


Several months ago I read this post about a PhD student on the ABC Blog: "Lollies as social objects... not just food - ABC New South Wales - Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)"

With a little  googling I found further information in this article about Toni Risson's PhD study on Australian lollies.  Toni also wrote about lollies in her blog. What memories these brought back!

It took me back to a time when my mother and aunt had a mixed business (delicatessen and milk bar) in Sydney's Kensington. There, stacked behind the counter in glass jars, were many tooth-rotting delicious treats. At school we were also able to buy all manner of lollies from our tuckshop. Some were two a penny and some were a penny each. In those days there were no healthy school canteens.
I invested many of the pennies given to me by my tribe of aunts and uncles on these sugary treats.

Musk Sticks
 My favourites were Cobbers (Chocolate coated hard caramels), Freckles (Milk chocolate disks covered with hundreds and thousands), Musk Sticks (Long pink sickly sweet sticks) and Sherbets (Powdery substance that tingled  on the tongue served in a paper bag).

I am wondering what memories other genealogists have of sweet treats from their childhoods.

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Rosemary said...

Mine are of Freckles, Musk sticks, and Chocolate Frogs with the strawberry cream inside. You bite off the head and suck out the filling.


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