Thursday, August 5, 2010

In my day......James Valentine

If I am out for a drive in the early afternoon I tune the car radio into ABC702 and listen to the ramblings of James Valentine. I wasn't listening yesterday when he had a segment "In my day...." in which he asked listeners to phone in with reminiscences. I heard about the segment in an ABC Blog post.

Some of the contributions were:
"In my day, fizzy pop was a treat"
"In my day we ate offal, often."
"In my day the school didn't cancel the bush walk excursion due to flooding, we swam it!"

To hear the podcast of this session point your browser to:

I was reminded of a conversation at a school open day last week in which my daughter and her thirty-something mates were talking about schools, how different they are today from how they were in their days.

To add interest to our family stories we could ask our contemporaries to tell us about five things that happened in their day and record these "in my day" snippets for future generations as notes in our genealogy programs.

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