Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hawkesbury Family History Fair - The Exhibitors

I arrived at The Hawkesbury Family History Fair with only a little cash in my wallet and found, in the exhibition rooms an overabundance of genealogy resources for sale. As well as Gould Genealogy, professional genealogists and other vendors there was a number of historical societies selling their publications and giving advice. As some of the vendors did not have EFTPOS facilities I had to make a dash up the road to an ATM.

There was only one software user group represented at the fair. As a TMG user I was thrilled, when I walked into the room, to see members of the TMG Sydney User Group on deck to promote this great package.  Sitting on the TMG table was Sydney genealogist, Carole Riley, who has been a virtual friend of mine for quite  a while. Meeting Carole was a highlight of the day.

Carole Riley and friend demonstrating TMG

 The members of the Hawkesbury Family History Group who worked like Trojans throughout the day warmly welcomed all visitors to the fair. I have convict ancestors from the Hawkesbury area  and have been thinking of joining this society;  I was so impressed by the friendliness of the ladies pictured below that I will make an effort to go to their meetings..

Friendly welcome from Hawkesbury Ladies

 The Society of Australian Genealogists was represented by Executive Officer, Heather Garnsey, and  members. Their stall was very busy as they sold resources and dispensed guidance to attendees. I am a member who does not visit the society often but feel a responsibility to maintain membership of this society that does so much work to promote family history in our state and preserve resources for future generations.

Heather Garnsey from SAG
Lindsay Allen from State Records was kept busy doling out advice and Archives in Brief information leaflets.
Lindsay Allen

I just had to go up and simply say "Thankyou" to the volunteers who index newspapers for the Ryerson Index, one of my favourite genealogy resources.

As well as carrying out their regular duties the staff of the Hawkesbury City Library fielded enquiries from visitors and graciously proferred help. I was able to get a copy of an ancestor's will from the files in the Local History Section. As a former public librarian I was proud of the professional and courteous approach of the library staff..

There was a good balance of  not for profit and commercial bodies represented at the fair. This gave visitors  an opportunity to see a broad range of resources and speak with representatives from different organisations.. Thank you to all of the people who put time and effort into organising this superb event.

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