Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where is Edward R Peterson?

Left behind in a house we purchased in the Hornsby Shire was a box of musty old books. Flipping through the pages of one I found a Baptismal Certificate for Edward Rouett (?) Peterson who was born on March 18, 1922 and baptised at St George's Church, Paddington on April 12, 1922 by J. Poole.

Who is Edward? I have searched Ancestry, The Ryerson Index, NSW BDMs, SAG Primary Records, Google and Trove but can find no clues to his existence.

I would love to reunite Edward's family with this certificate. If I fail I will give the certificate to The Society of Australian Genealogists who will hopefully add it to their Primary Records Collection.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Genias,
As a regular follower of your blog and twitter I can't beleive your posting..

My husband was related to Edward. Edward Rowett Paterson was born in 1922. Son of Septimus Paterson and Isabella White. Edward passed away in 2002 in Manly. Please email me at
Regards Liz


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