Monday, February 8, 2010

The women of the Edgeworth David Family

I have copied the following notification from the Hornsby Library website. From time to time the library hosts some interesting talks but, unless I go to the website to see what is on the horizon, I miss out on hearing about the events they have planned.

Jenny Horsfield -The women of the Edgeworth David Family

Hornsby Library will be hosting a talk on the women of the Edgeworth David Family.

From educating a Fijian princess to knitting hundreds of woollen socks for servicemen during World War II, from providing medical assistance to Tuvalu islanders to offering Miles Franklin advice on her shortcomings as a writer, Lady Cara David, wife of Sir Edgeworth David, was arguably one of Hornsby Shire’s most influential women.

In 1907 David observed, "Whatever success I may have achieved in life, is die chiefly to my wife".

The talk will also focus upon Cara's children Margaret and Mary. Margaret was a community worker and politician and Mary an author.

Cost :- $5.00
Bookings:- Please phone on phone number (02) 9847 6614 or email

Sessions will be held at Hornsby Library at the following times.
Wednesday 10th February
7:15 pm
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