Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Genealogy Insider - Announcing the Family Tree Magazine 40 Best Genealogy Blogs

Genealogy Insider - Announcing the Family Tree Magazine 40 Best Genealogy Blogs

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Congratulations to all of the nominated blogs. I am pleased to see that a couple of my favourites are in this list.

I enjoy reading Shades of the Departed and Footnote Maven by footnoteMaven. I enjoy Schelly Talalay Dardashti's Tracing the Tribe with its international coverage of Jewish Genealogy.

As someone with British Roots I particularly enjoy Scottish Genealogy News and Events by Chris Paton. With a bias towards Scotland and the UK but with a broader coverage this blog provides valuable news and information.

The list of top blogs is otherwise US centric. There may be others on the list that emanate from countries other than the US but I cannot readily identify them. Obviously it would be difficult, because of our small population base and short history, for an Australian blog that caters to a smaller interest base to make this list.

I wonder why there appear to be no other blogs from Europe and the UK (the lands of forefathers) on this list. Do people in these regions not read Family Tree Magazine's blog? Is genealogy blogging not popular in these regions?

Next year I will nominate Ancestors Magazine (from the National Archives - UK, The Wandering Genealogist from Sussex and The Professional Descendant from Edinburgh to the selection and a couple of Aussie contenders too.

Will you join me in adding some international flavour to the list of 40 top blogs in 2010?

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