Friday, July 10, 2009

Downunder ..... they WORKED hard for the family.

Australia is known as the country that grew up on the sheep's back. Many of our ancestors worked in rural locations in the Australian outback. The men worked outdoors whilst the women maintained the house and cooked three hearty meals a day for those hardworking men.

Ernest Gillespie supervising the dogs swim in the dam


Ernest Gillespie mowing the property in Arcadia, NSW.

Eliza Anne Gowans (left) testing her sausage rolls in the kitchen.

This post has been prepared as part of the 15th Edition of Smile For The Camera is "they WORKED hard for the family."


Family Attic said...

Great pictures...and what are sausage rolls? Thanks for sharing.

Brett Payne said...

You don't know what sausage rolls are???? [shock, horror] You have had been deprived.

Thanks for the interesting photographs, Geniaus.

GeniAus said...

Wikipedia has a good definition and photo of sausage rolls They are a very popular party food in Australia.


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