Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Grandparent by any Name

This post on the ABC Newcastle blog "A grandparent by any name" started me thinking of the names we, in our family, have given to grandparents.

Mr Geniaus and I are known to our grandchildren as BobBob and Gummy. Gummy is the word our first toddler grandchild started calling me and it has stuck. I love being Gummy as it is a unique name that is very special as it was coined by one of the descendants.

My mother who was Grandma Elsie to my children is happy to be called Elsie by the greatgrandchildren. I called my own grandparents Nanna D and Nanna C so when my children were born we changed to Grandma for my Mum so there would be no confusion. My great-grandmother who was long gone before my children were born was known as Granny P.

Last night we were discussing Grandparent names with friends who had Barbie and Pa Jim and Nana and Grandfather as names for their children's grandparents. I am wondering what other names genealogists have in their families for grandparents.

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