Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Carnival of Genealogy, 74th Edition Annual Swimsuit Edition

Swimsuits, known in Australia as swimmers, bathers, cossies, boardies and budgie smugglers, are an integral part of an Aussie wardrobe. Geniaus has about half a dozen in her wardrobe plus a collection of old cossies in various sizes for visitors who may want to take a dip in the pool when they are visiting.

Swimmers feature prominently in Geniaus' family albums. For this carnival I am posting a photo that is not so old. It's a photo of Geniaus on her annual summer holiday to Ettalong around 1955.

In early January Mum, Dad, Geniaus and a few aunts, uncles and a cousin would pack the luggage into Uncle Jack's big Vauxhall and head to Woy Woy by train then to Ettalong by bus (Uncle Jack and family travelled by road) where we hired a cottage in Booker Bay Road close to the beach. Holiday activities included fishing in a boat we hired for the duration from Anderson's Boatshed, lots of swimming and canoeing in the calm waters at Ettalong and excursions in Uncle Jack's car. We would all pile in (no seat belts required in those days) and visit the big smoke in Gosford and the surfing beaches in Terrigal and Avoca.

We would eat lots of fresh local seafood: fish caught by the men and local prawns and oysters from the local co-op. We did not eat out but shared casual meals prepared by Mum and the aunts.

As only children my cousin and I revelled in the times these holidays that allowed us to interact with our extended family.


Jasia said...

What an adorable photo! Thanks for sharing it in the COG!

Bill West said...

Great story and photo, Geniaus. And
I grinned at the different names for a swimsuit. Thanks for showing this on the CoG!


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