Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

This is posted as part of 11th Edition of Smile For The Camera (http://shades-smileforthecamera.blogspot.com/

I was an only child and, although I had a very happy childhood, feel that I missed out by not having brothers and sisters to share the ups and downs of family life. Being an only child influenced my decision to have four children. I revel in the times when my family gets together and watch with pride as my offspring enjoy, help and support each other.

My Mother was from a family of five girls with an older step-brother. These photos from Mum's family album show her with her brother and sisters.

Mum and her sisters were members of The Junior Red Cross in Cobar, NSW.
Clockwise from left: Kathleen, Elsie, Mother Ethel, Eileen, Lillian, Father Frank and Mary Duncan. c. 1936.

At a Family Wedding in Sydney, NSW in 1978
L-R Kathleen Duncan, Elsie Duncan, Eileen Duncan, Mother Ethel, Brother Bill Chatfield, Lillian Duncan, Mary Duncan.

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