Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anzac Day-Weekends Broadcasting from Hyde Park

Snipped from an ABC 702 Blog - Share your correspondence from war zones

Alexander_kelly This Anzac Day, Weekends will honour our men and women in our defence forces.

Simon Marnie is broadcasting ‘live’ from Hyde Park (Saturday 25th April) as we bring you the pride, sadness and joy associated with Anzac day.

A couple of years ago Simon read out on-air, letters, sent to his family from his Grandfather - a WWI veteran.

As anyone who’s received correspondence from a war zone knows, letters written in time of war or conflict are written from the heart, some are chatty, some funny and some are full of pain.

One thing is certain, when you’re alone and so far away from home, letters, emails, phone calls are so important – they become a lifeline to Australia and to those they’re fighting for.

This year we want you to share your Grandfather’s story. … Or indeed, any family member who may have written from a similar situation.

Simon would love to share them with the audience by reading them out throughout the broadcast.

If you’ve ever had a loved one or relative serve in the forces, or if you’ve ever marched on their behalf then we want to hear your story.

Send an email to Include a photo of the letter writer if you have one.

Unfortunately because of limited air time, letters should be no more than 1- A4 page in length otherwise we’d never be able to read them all. 702 reserves the right to published on the web and read on-air any letters sent in."

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