Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Exodus and Emigration

As soon as Twitter changed hands I noticed an exodus of genealogists from Twitter. While I haven't left Twitter yet I set up an insurance policy two weeks ago. 

When I joined Mastodon I joined the instance (server) as a handful of genealogists were there and the where most of the genies were hanging was closed to new members. After a few days opened up to more members so I emigrated there to be with the bulk of my genealogy contacts. 

Things have been moving quickly on Mastodon as many Tweeps are joining the exodus from Twitter and emigrating to various Mastodon instances (servers). Several genealogists recognised the need for an instance just for genealogists and last week, About 10 days ago David set up, "for anyone who is interested in Genealogy." see I was interested but didn't emigrate immediately.

I watched and waited and observed as quite a number of  genies or Geneadons (as they are called on Mastodon) emigrated to this new server.  While there is still a reasonable number of genealogists on the server they are just a small percentage of the total membership. Genies are to be found on many other servers as well. While genealogists can connect from many of the instances (servers) at Mastodon I like the idea of hanging out with my tribe.

This morning, as I had time on my hands and realised that I mostly post about family history matters I noted that the membership was approaching 500. I decided that it was time to emigrate once again so I made the move (a painless process). I don't plan on emigrating again any time soon. I am pleased that I have found an instance for my tribe and look forward to the fellowship I enjoy with the genealogy community on other social media platforms.  

How about joining me on ?

Meanwhile I am still active as @GeniAus on Twitter - it's all about insurance. 


Kerrie Anne Christian said...

I had already set up an account there a few days ago. So far I am just watching to see how things are going on Mastodon

Anonymous said...

It's been interesting to watch what's happening at Mastodon. So far I'm mainly lurking until I get my head around it.Thinking of switching to genealogysis but not sure yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill, have you added Geneadons to the dictionary? Fran


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