Friday, January 7, 2022

Accentuate the Positive Geneameme 2021 - Responses

Sending a HUGE shoutout to my genimates near and far who responded to this Geneameme Challenge (it's not too late for you to join this select group of geneabloggers).

As one who hasn't yet penned her post I know how much time it takes to reflect, write, edit etc. I thank you all for your commitment and contributions which are inspiring and full of information. While Covid presented many challenges you took them head on and made stunning progress with your education and research.

Alex Daw

Andrew Redfern

Bobbie Edes

Danielle Lautrec

Dara McGivern

Jennifer Jones

Jill Ball

Lilian Magill

Linda Stufflebean


Mel Hulbert

Pauline Williams

Robyn and the Genies

Samantha John



Shauna Hicks


I will continue to add to this list. 

If I have missed anyone please let me know and I will rectify ASAP.


Danielle Lautrec said...

Hi Jill, just published mine

GeniAus said...

Got it, thanks heaps.


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