Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Genealife in Lockdown - from Classy to Comfy

Macys, New York Flagship Store
Covid19 has played havoc with my clothes shopping activities.

I purchase most of my clothes on my regular visits to the United States where I hit the bargain racks in Macy's, Ross Dress for Less and other discount stores. As seasons in Australia are opposite those in the northern hemisphere I can usually pick up a few bargains for our local 'new season' from the 70% off discount racks. But that's not all, there are also the shoe bargains from the same stores. 

Full prices in the US are usually much lower than in Australia so I can buy fancy labels like Calvin Klein, Levis, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger etc. that I would never buy in Australia. It's now around 20 months since I have been to the US and contributed to their economy with my essential clothing purchases! 

While I am no fashion plate I love having smart clothes and a touch of glitter (this old girl needs all the help she can get). My 'going out' clothes have been languishing in my wardrobe as I am saving them up for future special outings and travel. I only got my glad rags out once during the pandemic (after we were vaccinated), for one formal occasion in June when the Covid situation in Sydney appeared to be in remission. 

During the pandemic we didn't stray too far from home until we were fully vaccinated, even when we weren't in lockdown as we are now.

At home I dress for comfort not for style. During the warmer months I wore the same couple of casual dresses or a tshirt from Big W (I bought a couple of new ones) and knee length pants. For the cooler months I splashed out and purchased two pairs of tracksuit pants from Best and Less (one of Australia's cheapest chains), on my top half I have been wearing one of three skivvies in rotation with the outer layer being one of two fleece tops I had bought for our Antarctica trip from Mountain Warehouse. For a bit of variety I also have two other pairs of old trousers and a couple of heavy cardigans and on cooler days I may supplement all this with a fleece vest.
Comfy Fleece

Prior to our scheduled departure this month for a conference in Norfolk Island I felt like some retail therapy. I splashed out at the Myer sale and bought three new jumpers, two of which are still in the plastic shopping bag due to the postponement of that conference.

My lovely collection of flatties, sparkly sandals etc are gathering dust while I wear comfortable footwear. In summer I get around in ugly blue or red tourist sandals and in cooler months I wear UGG moccasins or boots with socks. For more energetic activities I wear the ugly expensive shoes that were suggested by my ankle surgeon.


I hope Calvin, Ralph and Tommy are enjoying their sojourn in my closet as, with the current Covid numbers in NSW,  I think I'll be doing comfy for quite a while yet.


Gayle said...

Hi Jill, I had to laugh! Being in Melbourne this is my second winter of lockdown. Last year I felt ‘environmentally friendly’ as I was wearing my old clothes out. Guess what? I still am. I do confess to a couple of online purchases when we appeared to be free again. They were for wearing to dinners: casual but smart. Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment, and after surveying my tees I decided to wear one of my new dinner tops (despite the fact it had got a bit squeeze around the ‘covid bulge’.

Jennifer Jones said...

I’ve lived in my active wear for the entire pandemic except for my one day a week at work. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to bring myself to make an effort after this is all over. I’d love a trip to the US for clothes shopping. I’ll probably need to restock with a bigger size due to Covid kilos.

GeniAus said...

Pleased to see I am not alone.

Alex Daw said...

Dear Jill - yes I think my husband just about fell over from shock the other day when I dressed up to go out for lunch. I don't think he recognized me ;) You won't ever get me back in high heels though. I just don't think I can physically do it anymore.

TravelGenee said...

Yes it is a pain not being able to purchase our regular overseas favourites. So glad I purchased some extra M & S undies as RootsTech London or was it the Europe UK trip later that Christmas. Most annoying has been having to find a new antiperspirant since my overseas supplies ran out.


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