Thursday, March 25, 2021


It's time to put the I into genealogy.

Recently I realised that I am spending too much time on genealogy related activities and not enough time on my own family history, projects and interests. I am trying to change from being a "girl who can't say no" to one who weighs up and evaluates opportunities before rushing in like a "bull at a gate". 

I've made a start by declining some speaking invitations, resigning from a couple of teams and knocking back an offer of paid work.

I have created a new term Genialogy to remind us that we must give ourselves, our ancestors and our  descendants a generous chunk of our geneatime.

It's a balancing act

Are you going to embrace Genialogy with me?


TravelGenee said...

Good on you Jill, looking forward to more accounts of what you find.

Louis Kessler said...

"I'll get back to it one day" will never happen until you set your mind to do it. Reserve an hour every day for nothing but gen-I-alogy and organizational tasks related to it, and the ball will start rolling.

GeniAus said...

Thanks Louis and Fran, I've been concentrating on the I this week, hope I can sustain the momentum.


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