Tuesday, January 19, 2021

A Few Days in the Geneacave

 My focus recently has been on living family. The twelve grandchildren have been on school and university holidays so we have been spending time at the beach, playing games, having too much fast food and reminiscing with them. One granddaughter introduced me to the Duolingo App for French, we had so many giggles as I progressed through the first few levels. I am continuing with this just a few minutes a day. It's amazing how much I remember of my schoolgirl French from over 50 years ago.

Family Fun

After a busy weekend we find ourselves with a relatively quiet week. 

I have retreated to my geneacave to catch up on several commitments on my list. I am feeling rather virtuous as I am avoiding temptation and sticking to those things I must do. 

Yesterday I tried to catch up on emails and messages on social media. If I have failed to respond to you, please give me a gentle reminder.

I am preparing a presentation on my ancestor Elizabeth Phipps for the Hawkesbury Family History Group. Yesterday I spent half a day going over research done years ago and checking databases to see if I could discover any new facts to add to her story. As I need to update my website on the internet I devoted time to looking at some of Elizabeth's hundreds of descendants and finding dates and sources for their entries. I found several new third and fourth cousins to add to my database.

Today I have written my weekly blog post for our Local Family History Group at Lake Macquarie and followed that up with three short articles for their quarterly journal. I must admit that I cheated a bit and repurposed and updated a few posts from the GeniAus blog for the journal. I have so much material on this blog that it's a shame to let it languish in the archives.

I also need to write the January newsletter for the Lake Mac Group but needed a change of focus.

My next task was to think of The SAG and its Hang Out for members on Friday this week. I prepared an image using Canva for promotion of this regular members only event. Canva makes it so easy to create images that look reasonable.

Fuelled with a coffee (thanks Mr GeniAus) I am readyto prepost some comments to the prompts for tonights #ANZAncestryTime session using Tweetdeck.  With my poor keyboarding skills I find it less stressful to join the conversation early, then I can focus on responding to others' posts.

Last task of the day will be to take a look at a guest blog post about Librarything that I am preparing for a genealogy society.

My day will end with a dinner with one of our daughters. Waiting for me when she goes home is an interesting book, Joan makes history by Kate Greville. 

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