Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Greengrocer

My Piling System was so high that I was forced to do something about it yesterday.

One of the newspaper clippings that I unearthed was an article from 1958 about Penn's Hardware in Kings Cross, a very different institution from the huge hardware stores we have today. I remember my parents going to Penn's and have a memory of kitchen walls being painted Wedgwood Blue with paint from Penn's.

When we lived in King's Cross I remember shopping with my mother, Elsie, for our fruit and veg at the Greengrocer's next door to Penn's on Darlinghurst Road. My interest in this picture is not in the shops but in a customer on the footpath. my mother.

Elsie Curry (nee Duncan) at the Greengrocer's

Mum is the cardigan wearing lady in the middle of the photo with the slim ankles and good posture.

This photo dredges up so many memories of the shops we used to visit. The Cash and Carry was the forerunner of today's supermarket, the delicatessens where we used to buy small bricks of ice cream before we had a refrigerator and Repin's Moka coffee shop where Mum used buy beans to grind for her coffee.


GenieJen said...

What's a wonderful find. How elegantly your mother was dressed for food shopping, so different to now.

Crissouli said...

Congratulations! Your blog has been included in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at
Thank you, Chris

Great memories, I love it when we find things like this, and what a bonus to see your mother, and dressed so well to do the shopping. How times have changed.


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