Thursday, June 18, 2020

Value from our Vaults

Image by kalhh from Pixabay
Many longterm geneabloggers have a huge vault of interesting and valuable past posts. The value of these is, that if someone is searching on Google for a particular person, place or topic mentioned in our posts, the posts will be found. We all get rather excited when we reel in a contact with our "Cousin Bait". Are you getting more value from your posts?

Instead of leaving our posts to languish on some distant server and relying on Google to attract new readers for us we should be proactive in focusing attention on our earlier writing.  This was brought home to me this week when I read and enjoyed old posts from two of our fellow geneabloggers who have used other social media platforms to share links to their posts.

I had not previously read the Milo post posted on The Dusty Box blog by Jess in 2016, I somehow missed reading it until I saw her recent tweet with the post's link on Twitter. As I was captivated by this story about an Australian icon I shared Jess's post on my Facebook Page and was pleased that it initiated a conversation about Milo. 

Canadian Geneablogger, Lorine, today posted a link on Facebook to the first in a series of four posts she wrote mentioning her Australian links (You can see all 4 posts here I had read these posts back when they were posted in 2009 or when Lorine posted them again in 2016 but I am sure that many Australian genies who would have been interested in their content may not have been reading blogs or even interested in their family history then. 

Lorine and Jess have this week demonstrated how easy it is to get more value from the blog posts in our vaults. 

How about going through your past posts, updating them if necessary and sharing links to them on your social media channels? 

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