Wednesday, September 18, 2019

10th Consecutive Year

In the mail today I received an invitation to be a @RootsTechConf Rootstech Ambassador from Australia for the tenth consecutive year. Of course I accepted this immediately - it is such an honour to be able to promote genealogy downunder to the Rootstech Family while learning about our field from the world's best presenters.

I will be attending virtually this year. I will miss seeing my genimates in the flesh in Salt Lake City but I will take advantage of the virtual offerings from Salt Lake City and join in on social media with the many other #notatrootstech genies who attend virtually. 

The theme for Rootstech 2020 is “The Story of You.” This is  fitting and important for those of us who spend so much time concentrating on our ancestors. We must also remember to record our stories for future generations.

This was brought home to me last weekend when my 10 year old granddaughter said "Why do you have a laptop Gummy?" The 12 grandchildren call me Gummy, but that's another story. I pulled out my laptop and proceeded to show her some of the things I had there. We looked at my blogs that recorded some stories of her ancestors, we looked at some of the powerpoints I had prepared for the presentations I give and some of the Facebook pages I manage. 

What really captured her imagination was my family website, GeniAus Family Site. She enjoyed playing around with the interactive tree in public mode. When she asked about the nameless people on her tree we got into a talk about privacy on the internet. Although she could work out which Living female she was she wanted to see her name displayed so I logged in we looked at the Private View where she could see the details for her parents, siblings and cousins.

Public view of tree on GeniAus Family Site
We played around for nearly half an hour but I shut down before boredom set in. Granddaughter sat back and said "Gummy, I didn't know you did all that."

Do your granddchrilden know all about the things you do? 

If you want to be in on the Rootstech action and learn about sharing "The Story of You"you can register for Rootstech 2020 in Salt Lake City here

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