Sunday, July 14, 2019

What is Twiggli?

I'm a bit ho, hum about printed out family trees stuck on walls. I think most of them are dull and boring! I guess I'm more of a digital girl.

After visiting Twiggli's stand at THE Genealogy Show in Birmingham recently I changed my mind. I loved the family tree posters they had on display at THE Show and thought that they may even appeal to my grandchildren.

The Twiggli stand at THE Genealogy Show 2019
All you need to produce a Twiggli tree is a gedcom file which you can upload to their website to produce a poster. You can see what the poster looks like for no cost (it will be watermarked so won't be good for printing),  and edit away until you have something that appeals. For just 10GBP you can buy and download a non-watermarked file that you can take to your favourite printer (like Officeworks in Australia) for printing.

I was so pleased to see a product that would be accessible to my Australian genimates at a Genealogy event in England

Any questions? Go to the FAQ page on the Twiggli site.


Betty said...

I like this idea. Like you, I think my grandchildren would enjoy tracing their ancestors this way.

Jennifer Jones said...

Twiggli looks great Jill. As you say, what a great opportunity to make our family tree info look more interesting for the grandchildren.


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