Friday, May 3, 2019

Silly Me!

I set the Six Feet Under Downunder site up in February and then took off to a genealogy conference, Rootstech,  in the United States. I came home for a couple of weeks and then took a cruise around China, South Korea and Japan.
The site is a listing of Australian Burial and Cremation indexes and records available online. I hope that the many generous genies around Australia who know of such indexes of  memorials, headstones and burial sites will share them with me so they can be loaded on the site. I will initially only link to free sites that are available online, sites that one can visit via the internet.
Now that I am home for a few more weeks I thought I would see how the site stats were going and add a few more resources to the pages. I was flabbergasted, there were absolutely no visitors, not one person had accidentally stumbled on my site!!
I fired up a different browser from the one in which I usually work and pasted in the URL to find that this site was Private and I could not access!private
The site settings have now been changed so that YOU can now access my site,


crgalvin said...

Now you have me confused,, thought you had put it all at

GeniAus said...

I did but didn't like it. I will delete that site.

crgalvin said...



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