Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Attendees teach presenter

Before I signed out from the Six Feet Under Downunder webinar this afternoon I took host Geoff Rasmussen's advice and downloaded the Chat Log and Questions Log from the event. I have just sat down and read through all the comments made and questions asked.

When presenting one needs to concentrate on the job at hand so there is no time to monitor the conversation that is taking place concurrently. Thanks to Geoff, a marvellous moderator, who replied to your comments online and provided links and information.

Sometimes one's activities have unintended outcomes, today's webinar certainly did. Firstly I was surprised that so many people tuned in to hear an Aussie grandma spruiking online, I was pleased to hear that people from 18 countries logged on. THANKS to you all. My curiosity is piqued because to me the attendees are anonymous, I wonder who it was that was online from Augsburg, Germany and down the road from me in Newcastle, Australia. There was a good representation from various states in the US, I think all Australian States were represented and our cousins across the ditch in New Zealand had a fair representation. A big G"Day to you all.

Many of the attendees who made comments taught me things I didn't know so the webinar was a learning experience for me.  Thanks to those who provided answers about the content on Tasmanian death certificates that I was unable to answer:


Prior to 1897 particulars recorded were:
Name of deceased.
Date and place of death.
Age at death.
Cause of death.

In 1897 the birthplace of deceased was added.

In 1914 age at marriage and number of issue were added.

I was interested to learn this about Deaths at sea: "When ex-Navy people are buried, the location (GPS / Lat-Long) of the position at which the ashes were scattered is recorded.  Should be able to ask for these through defence records also." and "Queensland death cert for burial at sea of infant ancestor who died while rellies were immigrating to Aus late 1800s include longtitude/latitude so can pinpoint with accuracy location of this sea burial."

I'll take a look at the unanswered questions and will try to answer them in a future blog post.

Thanks to those who provided me with links to online cemetery records. I will add these to my new blog/site Six Feet Under Downunder once I finish setting it up. I'll let you know when it goes live.

You can view the webinar online here for a limited time.


crgalvin said...

Excellent webinar and notes, thanks Jill. Good to see some interesting and colourful visuals I find may webinar presenters forget we are watching as well as listening and appreciate more than just text on screen. Well done!

Geoff Mulholland said...

G'Day Jill,

It was me, your geneamate Geoff, now living in Augsburg, I had an early night and set my alarm for 1:50 am to catch your presentation. I was glad I did as I picked up some great tips from you and also others in the chat log. My connection cut mid-way through the presentation as my router restarted for some unknown reason, and I missed about 5 minutes while it reset and reconnected, so I will watch the replay to catch up with what I missed. I will be in Sydney this month for my daughter's wedding, I will try to get a hold of some the books you mentioned and I had already planned to revisit some of the microfilms in the NSW Genealogical Research Kit (ARK).

Looking forward to your new blog/site 'Six Feet Under Downunder'.

Thanks again for a great presentation !



GenieJen said...

Really enjoyed your informative presentation and be reminded about useful sources.

GeniAus said...

Thanks all for your comments.

I thought that might be you Geoff - thanks for tuning in.

The Six Feet Under Downunder site is now live at It is a work in progress.


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