Monday, January 28, 2019

Four of Each

I've been tidying up my hard drive and found this that I posted on Facebook a year ago. Thinking that my descendants might find it interesting in the future I am posting it here where it will be backed up on Pandora.

A few days ago my genimate Paul Milner indicated that these four genies might respond to the statements below: Michael Leclerc, Diane Loosle, Jill Ball, Paula Warren. I was so pleased to see myself lumped in a group with those geneastars that I had to respond. In comparison my life is rather tame compared with Paul's.

Four places I’ve lived:
1 Potts Point, NSW, Australia
2 Vaucluse, NSW, Australia
3 Maroubra, NSW, Australia,
4 Bronte, NSW, Australia (all four a stone's throw from Sydney's harbour and beaches)

Four places I’ve worked:
1 Student nurse, Randwick, NSW, Australia
2 Librarian, Waverley, NSW, Australia
3 IT Guy, Dee Why, NSW Australia
4 Medical Receptionist, St Leonards, NSW, Australia

Four places I’ve been:
1 Nuuk,Greenland
2 Iles du Salut (Devils Island)
3 Murmansk, Russia
4 Havana, Cuba

Four things I love to eat:
1 Cheese
2 Prawns
3 Smoked Salmon
4 Australian or NZ lamb

Four People I think will respond:
1 Brenda and Charlie B
2 Pauleen Cass
3 Sharn McDade White
4 Caitlin Gow

Four favorite drinks:
1 Diet Coke
2 Champagne
3 Cafe Latte
4 Sparkling Mineral Water

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