Friday, July 13, 2018

MIA - The Australian Genealogists Daily

For a few weeks I have been wondering what happened to my daily editions of The Australian Genealogists Daily Paper. Recently I hadn't seen announcements for it on Twitter so this morning decided to investigate.

When I logged in to my page and looked for recent archived editions I couldn't find any recent ones. I haven't yet ascertained how many editions have been missing. What I did find when I went to my content settings was that the content I had been sharing had disappeared and this section was blank, As there was no content to share didn't post any notifications to share.

I have now reinstated the content I share which is from the content that is sourced from the 143 members of my Australian Genealogists List on Twitter. While I was at it I also added my Youtube Channel as a content source. I will add some blog URLs from prominent Australian bloggers when I get a chance.

If you have been following The Australian Genealogists Daily notifications should appear in your Twitter feed soon. If you don't like Twitter you can create a account and Subscribe to your favourite papers.


Shauna Hicks said...

Thanks Jill I had missed it and thought it was because I had changed settings - seem to be missing a few of my regular blog feeds.

GeniAus said...

I'll keep an eye on it from now on Shauna.


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