Saturday, June 23, 2018

This boy loved birthday cake

He was a Type 1 diabetic who stuck to a rigid diet and never ate cake but my Dad, Allan John Curry, loved marking the occasion of his birthday each year with a Birthday Cake. He was even more impressed when the cake was accompanied by a party with his extended family.
Celebrating with the extended family June 1984 - Allan is 65

Allan John Curry 23 June 1988
Today, June 23, would have been Dad's 99th birthday. Now that Mum is in heaven with him I hope they are partying today. 

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Kylie Willison said...

This made me think of my grandma, she used to have a drawstring bag of chocolate eclair lollies in her kitchen cupboard and it was a big treat to get a glass of Coke and a chocolate eclair when we visited her. They were her treats for herself which she shared with us.


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