Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Memories - The Typewriter

Over the weekend my son shared a post on Facebook that he has given me permission to post here.

He wrote "Found a Remington Travel-Riter Deluxe on eBay ..... just like my grandfather's old one. The kids are as obsessed as I used to be ......"

And he shared a picture of  two of the grandkids playing on the typewriter.

My son also sent me a couple more photos of the typewriter. One of the cover and one of it sitting on Uncle Jack's desk that is at my son's home.

My  Dad loved typing and, as a cranky old man, he spent hours sending letters of complaint to government departments, the police, the press and anyone else he could think of. I had forgotten how my kids loved playing with Dad's precious toy.

What my son doesn't know is that playing with typewriters is in the genes. 

When I was a a child we used to visit my grandmother's home each Sunday and I loved to play on the typewriter there that my Aunty Kath rented when she was learning to type.


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Good post Jill. I had a portable manual typewriter that I taught myself in, but don't remember the grand. Interesting that the grandkids are enjoying trying it out despite what would be clunky keys compared to a typewriter.

Anne Young said...

I am sure one can type more emphatically on a typewriter than on a computer keyboard :)

GenieJen said...

Gosh that brings back memories. Mine is out in the shed. Although I didn't learn typing at school, my stenographer mum suggested I buy 1 before I started by tertiary studies. A couple of years ago, a young musician borrowed it to use as part of a musical composition he'd written. When it came out of the shed, I was surprised how hard the keys were to press - no pressure needed on the iPad!


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