Saturday, May 31, 2014

Paul O'Keefe coming to Victoria

My mate Paul O'Keefe has let me know that he will be travelling south of the border to Victoria in August. You can read all about Paul on his website Neducate.

Paul, who lectures on his ancestor, Ned Kelly, is an engaging and entertaining speaker. Here is what I said after I first heard him present :

Paul's gig at El Dorado (not too far from Wangaratta) will be a charity event with funds raised going to the local El Dorado Museum.

1 comment:

DavlexDesign said...

Hi Jill,

I live in the area and thought "Great. I would like to attend that" but it just so happens that it is my brothers birthday that day and we will be at Mt Buller with family so I wont be able to attend.

Thanks for sharing though.



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