Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Do you know Peter Hayes?

I am pictured here in 1951 holding hands with a smart young man named Peter Hayes. I wonder who he is and where we were when this photo was taken. Unfortunately my Mum's memory isn't quite what is was and she is unable to help me.

Perhaps Peter and his family lived near us in Kings Cross or perhaps his parents were friends of our family. Maybe one day someone researching Peter will come across this post and be able to give me an answer. Perhaps it was at a birthday party as I am appear to be eating the cake I haven't dropped on the floor at my feet. It could even be my birthday party!


Unknown said...

What a lovely photo, Jill!

Have you checked the electoral rolls for around that time-frame for a family named HAYES that may have been living nearby?

Good luck finding Peter!

Kerryn Taylor said...

What a gorgeous photo Jill. Sorry I don't know Peter Hayes

Rosemary said...

I love you in your pinny.

GeniAus said...

I was cute - it's a shame we have to grow up.


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