Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bargain Hunter

As my regular readers know I am a sucker for a bargain and I love techie toys. On my shopping expedition today I netted both a bargain and a new tech toy.

The bargain will be useful when I go out on a geneajaunt. I went into The Reject Shop looking for a cheap cover for my new tech toy but came out with something else, it was marked $6 but there was a sign showing that it had been reduced to $4 but when I took it to the checkout I was only charged $2. It's a mesh organiser bag, that has two large compartments, one zippered and one open plus eight small pockets for holding bits and bobs. I have a large laptop pouch that I use for transporting the items in the image below, this ne purchase will help me better organise them for travel.

I am posting this because I thought some of my mates in Australia with $2 to invest might wish to wander down to The Reject Shop and check them out.

The new tech toy is presently on the charger getting a fill of energy for its first encounter with me later this evening. Mr GeniAus' mobile phone has been experiencing difficulties so I generously offered to purchase a new phone and give him my old model. 

Last year I decided that I wanted a Galaxy Note 3 32g because I needed more storage. I also wanted a larger screen so that when I am travelling I can leave my Galaxy 10.1 tablet at home and travel with just a netbook and the large screen phone or phablet. I will be testing this out when I head off overseas next week. I am hoping that the 5.7" screen size will be adequate for short typing tasks and reading some ebooks. 

I had been holding off buying the device bacause of the price but I got a good deal on an unlocked model (there must be a new model around the corner) and, because I am leaving the country, I will get a 10% tax rebate from The Tourist Refund Scheme.

I am wondering if any of my genimates are phablet users?


Jackie van Bergen said...

I've been using an old airline toiletries pouch for all my bits and bobs but might have a look at this one.
Always a new gadget and a new term - phablet!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

good bargain hunting Jill! and so kind to give Mr GeniAus your old phone - sounds like our house :-) No phablets here though my Sony Xperia is larger than an IPhone and according to the Telstra tech is relatively waterproof - as tested in his fishing excursions.

Sharon said...

Thank you for the tip Jill. Think I may need to pop down to the Reject shop.

Kerryn Taylor said...

I'll have to call into the Reject shop too, this looks very handy. Thanks for sharing Jill.


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