Monday, June 17, 2013

A Cow in Pakistan

Whenever I give a talk on Geneablogging I include a screenshot of the Genealogists for Families blog which shares news from the Kiva "Genealogists for Families" group through which Genealogists work as a team to help families in low income areas by making microloans of $US25.

Yesterday I received this note from a lady who attended my last talk:

Great to catch up with you at the Central Coast Family History meeting. You and blogs are still being talked about! Thank you for giving us so much to think about.

I have taken your advice about Kiva and I am contributing to a cow for a woman in Pakistan. For years I have "fed the homeless" but the friend who organised the meals has now retired so I am pleased to find a new commitment.  The process of a number of donors making a small  contribution suits my philosophy!

I got such a buzz from this note as my aim in highlighting the Genealogists for Families blog is to encourage other genealogists to support this charity. You can join the 269 genealogists who have made loans (yes loans - your money gets repaid then you can reinvest it) of over $US60,000 in under two years. All you have to do to sign up is FOLLOW THIS LINK

If you can go without just 6 cups of coffee or one paperback book you would have $25 to join our group and make a difference. 

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