Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Dear Mate- DearMyrtle

It was more of a gigglefest than an interview.

When there was a quiet time in the video studio on the Friday at Rootstech Rob Goates, Familysearch guy and video studio gatekeeper, asked if I had someone to interview. Across the media hub I spotted my mate, Pat Richley-Ericson, aka DearMyrtle, a potential interviewee. Gracious lady that she is Myrt immediately agreed to an impromptu interview.

After seeing this interview those readers who have not met one of my favourite geneabloggers, Myrt, in person will appreciate what a sweet and generous lady she is.


Louis Kessler said...

That was a lot of fun to watch. I look forward now to the reverse interview now.

Gustoso said...

Thanks for all the great videos. I watched them all.


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