Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trove Tuesday - War Memorial Hospital ....again

I reported in my Trove Tuesday post last week that I found details of a book, To minister : the story of War Memorial Hospital, Waverley, 1918-1988, about my birthplace, War Memorial Hospital, Waverley on Trove.

I located a few copies of the book on Abe Books and ordered one from Jo's Books, Gerringong. The book, that was in excellent condition, arrived within a few days and I am thrilled with it. Written by a former Matron of the hospital, Betty Green, it tells the story of the hospital from the planning stages through to 1988. The book is illustrated with floorplans, maps, copies of documents and photos and gives an excellent overview of the Hospital's activities and history. The stories about the people associated with the hospital add warmth to the cold facts presented through the work.

Gingerly I showed my purchase to Mr Geniaus (he doesn't share my love of book buying) who spent quite a while thumbing through the book. He saw photos of quite a few local identities that reminded him of stories associated with them (he would be a good subject for oral history interviews about Waverley personalities). Mr Geniaus was quite impressed  with the book which he has picked up a few more times during the week.

What makes the book an excellent genealogical resource are the lists of names it contains that include Members of the Council/Board of the hospital, Matrons, Student Nurses, Pupil Nurse Aids and Doctors associated with the hospital.

I have yet to read the book from cover to cover but I know that I will enjoy it.

Thanks to Trove, a resource that leads one to more than newspaper articles, for directing me to this book.


Meditrina Hospital India said...
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Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Good discovery Jill. Mr Cassmob doesn't even bat an eye when yet another book arrives..mercifully :-)

It will be interesting to see if you get as many hits on this hospital post as I do on my hospital records one. Weird.


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