Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On this day - 26th January - Australia Day

What a great idea from Shelley at Twigs of Yore to post family events that occured on 26th January on her blog. Carole Riley of Carole's Canvas followed up with a similar post. Whilst Shelley had two 26 January events Carole had five from the 17th to the 21st centuries. I felt that I just had to join this Australia Day blogging event.

Carole gave instructions on the TMG Sydney blog on how to glean this information from The Master Genealogist software that I also use. This seemed like hard work so I looked at my online website for which I use TNG. How easy it was! From the site menu I selected Dates and - Hey Presto - there was a list of the 26 January happenings in my database.

None of my direct ancestors figure in the list produced. The closest is for my great-grandmother's brother, Michael Kealy who, on 26 Jan 1867, left his native Ireland on the Light Brigade and arriving on 21 May 1867 to start a new life in Australia with his brother. My great-grandmother, Mary Kealy, followed her brothers to Australia in 1877.

Conditions in Australia must have been agreeable for Michael as he fathered a family of 13 in Australia .

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