Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas at the Cross

In the early 1950s Geniaus attended kindergarten (preschool) in Sydney's King's Cross.

My gift for this carnival is a photo of Geniaus, her kindy pals and teacher in front of the tree at the Kindergarten Christmas Party. The children were required to wear fancy dress for the party; luckily Geniaus had an outfit from her ballet concert that she could wear. Some of the children are clutching the Christmas stockings we received as gifts on the day.

Geniaus is the little sailor girl on the bottom left of the photo. The tall girl in the middle back row with short, dark, curly hair is, fifty-five years later, Geniaus' friend. She is my son's best friend's mother. It's a small world!

This post was prepared for the Smile for the Camera, 19th Edition Carnival - Gift

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