Thursday, May 7, 2015


... are among the words you have used when commenting on my latest crazy idea, The NFHM GeneaGala Hangout on Air.

What has made me feel so much better about this endeavour are the other words you used: Assist, Count me in, Help, Mark me down, Plug me in, Support. Thanks to my genimates from Australia, England, New Zealand, Spain, The United States and Wales who have pledged support; this promises to be a mammoth event.

Anne asked if I was having Themes for the Hangouts. As we will have people from many timezones joining it would be difficult to schedule themes over a 12 hour timetable. At the moment I have divided each of the 4x3 hour sessions into one hour blocks. In the first hour we will Socialise;  I will ask panelists to talk about themselves and their interests and efforts in genealogy. In the second hour  I hope that guests will hop onto their soapboxes to Spruik ie to promote something or discuss a burning issue. In the third hour we'll do what genies do best we'll Share tips and resources. So our themes for the day will be Socialise, Spruik and Share. Of course I reserve the right to ignore this and just let the conversation flow.

It's not too long before I go tripping off overseas again so I want to tie some of you down to definite times. I will go through the Yes responses to each of the four scheduled Hangouts and ask these respondents to commit to a specific time to be online and to think of a topic (or I may suggest some) to discuss. I will leave the Maybes alone for the time being but hope that, if your situation changes you will change your response to a Yes.  I will need a mix of Presenters (ie spruikers and sharers) and Panelists (people willing to comment, ask questions during the hangout and chat while I take necessary breaks).

The links to sign up for the Hangouts are:
GeneaGala Hangout on Air - Session 1

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