Friday, June 15, 2012

Hoarse at the Fair

What a fun day I've had at Shoalhaven FamilyLocal & Cultural History Fair; the casualty is my voice as I've talked too much! I have had a huge day meeting and chatting with family historians from the Shoalhaven area and one from Tasmania and, on behalf of Gould Genealogy, showing and selling the mighty little Flip-Pal scanner that is now available in Australia. The Flip-Pal seems to sell itself; we had exhausted our stock by 3:00 pm this afternoon.

The photos I took at the Fair  tell the story of a fun day.

Local Politician opens the Fair

The Stage Crew

Catering Department - Sandwiches for a Song

Nepean Girls


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Shoalhaven Lads

They're a long way from home

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Come Cruise with Me


Bribie Family History Association said...

Sorry I didn't make it to the Fair this year, but your photos show it's as good as ever. Thanks Jill

Judy Webster said...

From past experience as an exhibitor at History Queensland's family history fairs, I am terrified that I'll have no voice left when I do my presentation at 3:30pm at the Brisbane Expo. My sister (a naturopath) told me to use Reckeweg's R45 homeopathic drops throughout the day. I hope they work!


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