Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet – F is for …Greedy

When I joined this challenge I decided that my theme for this alphabet series would be technology and its relationship to genealogy because that is what I love. I also decided that I would highlight each week just one of the Apps, Blogs, Connections, Devices, Etc that help me negotiate my genealogical journey.

To date I have managed to do just that but I was Flummoxed when I got to F because there were a Few Favourites that I just couldn't ignore so, in this post, I will look at more than one thing. Hence F is for Greedy. In true old Librarian Fashion I will list these in alphabetical order:

Family Historian is my newest challenge. I blogged recently about my decision to change my genealogy database software from The Master Genealogist to Family Historian and thus I have reverted from confident user status to that of a beginner. I do not regret my decision at all as each day I find some element of the program that supports my decision to make the change. I am one happy old learner. If you would like to give Family Historian a test run you can download a free 30 day trial from here

Familysearch What can I say? Like many genealogists I owe so much to the Familysearch organisation for the work they do in digitising, preserving and sharing  birth, marriage, death, probate and other records. The Familysearch Centers and Libraries around the world are staffed by experts and volunteers who welcome and encourage genealogists to use their facilities at no charge. I am in awe of the great work done by Familysearch.

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner I love this little gadget that I have had for the past eighteen months. By bringing it out in repositories and showing it around at events I have developed a group of envious genealogists who have to date been unable to get their hands on one of these little workhorses in Australia. I purchased mine in the US. The good news is that Flip-Pals are now available in Australia through Gould Genealogy

I must disclose that I have helped Gould by demonstrating the Flip-Pal at a couple of recent genealogy events and have more dates to do so. As a beginner in the salesperson stakes I am on a winner - I don't have to sell these gadgets - once people know what they do they buy them without any pressure exerted on my part.


Fi said...

I too am happiest when I'm learning.

Gould Genealogy said...

hehe ... some letters just NEED more than one topic don't they? Family Historian, FamilySearch, and Flip-Pal, it's just impossible to choose between them.

Sharon said...

Another great post Jill. How does Family Historian compare to Family Tree Maker? I have seen rave reviews for the Flip-Pal mobile but worried that it was so small to properly capture those big family photos that many relatives have. So is the joining of small images into one big image really as good as stated?

GeniAus said...

Sharon, The Flip-Pal stitching is amazing - it really works. I'll pop some images of stitched articles into a future blog post for yu to see.

Answer to your Family Historian qn will also be subject of another post.


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