Friday, June 8, 2012

Business Card

When Mr Geniaus and I caught the travel bug and started wandering the globe we found ourselves grabbing drink coasters, serviettes and scraps of paper to record and give our contact details to the people we met along the way.  We noticed that many of the people we met were more organised and had snappy cards to distribute.

About three years ago I came across an offer from Vistaprint that was too good to refuse so I got online and ordered some business cards for myself.  As well as using them when travelling I have been handing these cards out when I meet people at genealogy events but they are not really appropriate. These days I seem to be attending lots of genealogy events so I decided to get myself a Business Card that was more suitable for those situations.

The $8.99 Image
Just a week ago I went back to the  Vistaprint  site and, for the sum of $22.75 including shipping, ordered 500 new cards. $8.99 of this amount was the cost for using my own image but I felt this was worth it as that portrait done by my grand-daughter around five years ago is unique and recognisable as belonging to me. I mulled over what to put on my card but went for My Business Name (not that I do much business - I'm too busy having fun), My Name, Description, Website and Blog URLs, My Town, State and Country, My Mobile Number and an Email Address. The cards arrived just a week after I placed the order - Great Service.

If you'd like to see my new card you'll have to come along and say G'day at The Shoalhaven Family History Fair next week, The Unlock the Past Queensland Expo next month, The NSW Family History Conference in September, The Unlock the Past Genealogy Cruise in February 2013 or Rootstech 2013 in Salt Lake City.

Do you have a card to give to the genealogists you meet at events?


Lisa said...

I also use businesscards, I order them from They are a bit more expensive because you can have twosided cards and every card can have a different image on the back. I have one with the main eight surnames I research and several others with pictures of ancestors. The quality of the cards is excellent.
Also, I don't print my phonenumber, just my online details, just in case.

Tanya Honey said...

It's a great idea Jill. When I get to the stage where I attend more than one event a year, I'm on zero so far, I will get some business cards. Look forward to seeing your's in a few weeks!

Fi said...

I used them many years ago for my children's play dates. Very handy with all address and contact details listed. I think I'll get some with my genie information simply for the convenience.

Alona Tester said...

Looking forward to seeing you and your brand-spanking-new card in Qld in a couple weeks.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I think I have a Vistaprint addiction. I got my family names printed on the back as well. I MAY make it to the Qld expo next week so we can swaps flash cards ;-)

James Werk said...

Like your idea it is good and unique thanks for sharing i must try it last time the business cards i printed consumed too much Ink and Cartridge due to its design also cost me too much now i will print simple and plain designs which will be cheaper as compare to older.


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