Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's just like a box of chocolates...

...which should I take first?

You may have noted that the Geniaus blog has been quiet over the past few days.

On the weekend we visited for the first time an elderly cousin of Mr Geniaus. She has been into genealogy for a number of years but, due to failing sight, is unable to devote much time to her hobby. She shared her cache of certificates and photos with us and told us a number of family stories in our two visits that we have recorded on a voice recorder. I have come away with more work to do as Mr Geniaus volunteered my assistance in solving a mystery for her!

Mr Geniaus was thrilled that she had two group photos that included his great-grandmothe, Emily Royds. We had not seen a photo of Emily previously.

Late last week I was contacted by Marilyn who shares my Kealy descendants. She had been visiting my website and noticed some holes in my data. Marilyn contacted me with further information and an offer of photos and documents, these started to arrive in a series of emails on Monday. I have yet to examine the goodies Marilyn has shared.

As I am interested in following my grandchildren's family lines for them I sought out a pertinent book, Recollections of childhood : memories of the Holroyd girls / [compiled by Marilyn Pidgeon & Margaret Flynn], on my visit to The National Library of Australia last year. Unfortunately when I put in a request to see this item I was told that the book could not be found and is presumed missing fromt the collection. On their recent visit to Tasmania my daughter and son-in-law were given a copy of this book that they have lent to me this morning.

It is just like being faced with a chocolate box full of my favourites. Which flavour should I savour?

Genealogy - how sweet it is.

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Sharon said...

I'd have to try and solve the mystery for the elderly cousin first because that will involve a hunt and I love the hunt!


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